For the architect, specifier and designer, having the right tools available to help you in your creative process is essential. Precision Coatings offers a wide array of specialty coatings to empower your creativity.

Unparalleled Colors

Precision Coatings offers architects and designers a wide array of solid colors, metallics, and iridescents. to help your designs inspire and awe. Our focus is to provide architects with inspiring colors, sparkle, and show-stopping impressions. Our metallic colors are available in a variety of sheens.

Precision Coatings provides you with color samples from our outstanding color palette as well as custom colors to fit your designs.

Exceptional Performance

Precision Coatings offers a variety of specialty coatings for fine touches and practical use.  Precision Coatings offers a line of specialty coatings:

  • PC3 Aliphatic Polyurethane: The ultimate solution for long life, durability, color and gloss retention in a low VOC high-performance coating.
  • SlipShield: Our anti-slip paint. SlipShield® provides durable long-life slip resistance and cleanability on walking surfaces.
  • REFLECT: Infra-Red Reflective paint that reduces the surface temperature on metals such as exterior handrails and metal roofs.
  • EezeClean Anti-graffiti Paint: Our easy to clean high-performance coating.
  • PC5 Polysiloxane: A high-grade ceramic-like finish, with excellent durability, stain resistance, and graffiti resistance
  • PC6 Waterborne, Single Component Performance Polyurethane: Durability, scrub resistance, abrasion resistance, and perfect for occupied space.

Our coatings are durable and deliver an exceptionally long lifespan, and retain their original appearance long after conventional high-performance coatings have faded.

Precision Coatings provide additional benefits such as ease of application and environmentally friendly features including Low VOC and LEED Compliance.

A Precision Coatings Technical Representative will provide the coatings specifications to help you deliver the required documentation for your project.

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