Precision Coatings has developed a wide array of specialty coatings to help you offer unique high-performance solutions in the commercial architectural market.

Provide solutions to more aspects of your customers’ projects with Precision Coatings products:

  • PC3 Aliphatic Polyurethane: The ultimate solution for long life, durability, color and gloss retention in a low VOC high-performance coating.
  • SlipShield: Our anti-slip paint. SlipShield® provides durable long-life slip resistance and cleanability on walking surfaces.
  • REFLECT: Infra-Red Reflective paint that reduces the surface temperature on metals such as exterior handrails and metal roofs.
  • EezeClean Anti-graffiti Paint: Our easy to clean high-performance coating.
  • PC5 Polysiloxane: A high-grade ceramic-like finish, with excellent durability, stain resistance, and graffiti resistance
  • PC6 Waterborne, Single Component Performance Polyurethane: Durability, scrub resistance, abrasion resistance, and perfect for occupied space.

Increase your sales to commercial painting contractors with our 11 metallic colors PLUS custom metallic color matching.

Meet your commercial applicator’s needs immediately with a metallic tint base system* that uses industry-standard colorants for both solvent-borne and waterborne performance coatings.

The architectural representative of a distributor was contending to be specified on a highly-competitive large multi-family project in Pasadena, California. Our distributor faced strong competition for the project. The handrails and balcony railings were to be specified with metallic finishes.

Using her knowledge of Precision Coatings’ metallic finishes, she provided a performance metallic finish that the competition couldn’t offer and closed the deal. The Precision Coatings distributor sold approximately $500,000 worth of architectural paint because they had access to and knew about Precision Coatings' metallic finishes. On the project, the metallic finishes amounted to approximately $17,000 of material. Our distributor informed Precision Coatings that she could not have made the $500,000 sale without access to Precision Coatings’ products.

Precision Coatings offers the following benefits to you:

  • No buy-in clause - Zero Investment
  • No inventory - Order as needed or use our tint base as your volume grows.
  • Tint base system* for the metallic line.
  • Our Tint base system allows same-day delivery.
  • We provide a price list, product samples, and color cards
  • No up-front commitment or requirement to stock inventory

* 30 Gallon minimum required