Dry Erase Paint turns walls and other substrates into writable and erasable surfaces, enabling communication.  Precision Coatings is a leading manufacturer of professionally installed dry erase paint in North and South America with its EeZeClean brand and other brands of Dry Erase Paint.  EeZeClean and the other dry erase paint brands produced by Precision Coatings utilize a unique resin system that is both stain resistant and graffiti resistant, providing long-term dry erase properties for businesses, education, health care and retail.  EeZeClean and other brands of dry erase paint manufactured by Precision Coatings are low odor and designed to be installed in occupied buildings while business operations continue.


Precision Coatings provides low and ultra-low VOC compliant coatings to markets that demand not just aesthetics, but durability and extended life cycle performance.