Precision Coatings manufacturers specialty coatings and finishes including slip resistant floor coatings, highly cleanable finishes for walls and furnishings as well dry erase coatings.

  • SlipShield® Floor Coating to improve coefficient of friction on tile, polished concrete and polished stone floors
    SlipShield® Slip Resistant Floor Coating is a slip resistant, extended life-cycle coating that is applied to interior and exterior ceramic tile, polished stone, polished concrete, coated flooring and metal decking to attain acceptable slip resistance in both dry and wet environments.  SlipShield® is easily cleaned and very durable.  SlipShield® is available in both clear and solid colors in gloss and low semi-gloss finishes.  SlipShield® clear provides a weatherable, ultra-violet resistant surface that allows the structure and beauty of tile, polished stone and polished concrete to show through while an acceptable Coefficient of Friction can be attained for slip resistance.
  • REFLECT 3000 Infra-Red Reflective Coatings for metal roofing, curtain wall, hand-rails and playground equipment
    REFLECT is an infra-red reflective coating that keeps substrates cooler even when dark or deep colors are utilized that traditionally are heat absorbent. An example of the use of REFLECT 3000 and REFLECT 5000 is the renovation of metal roofs, curtain walls, sidewalls, playground equipment and handrails to reduce substrate heating.
  • RELĒS Highly Cleanable Finish for walls and furnishings
    RELĒS is a highly cleanable, stain resistant, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant low sheen clear performance coating that is applied over interior and exterior paints to provide robust performance in high traffic areas on walls for health care, hospitality, education and retail.
  • EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint
    EeZeClean Dry Erase Paint turns smooth interior and exterior surfaces into writable and erasable dry erase spaces.  EeZeClean is professionally applied with a roller application. EeZeClean is available in clear, white, black and custom colors so architects and designers can create dry erase walls without sacrificing design standards.