Precision Coatings Products

High-Performance Polyurethane Finishes

PC3 is an extended lifecycle acrylic aliphatic polyurethane finish coat that is available in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, egg-shell and matte. PC3 is less than 50 grams per liter VOC and LEED 2009 compliant. PC3 comes in solid colors, metallics, and iridescents. PC3 can be applied over surfaces primed with DTM 1300v100, DTM 1400 and DTM 3000.

PC3 Clear is an ultra-low VOC, less than 1 gram per liter VOC, durable clear coating system that can be applied over interior wood substrates and previously coated substrates to achieve a high grade durable finish. The fast drying PC3 clear system is used to refinish and maintain wood furniture and interiors for restaurants and hospitality when tight production schedules demand a quality finish that stands up to hot plates and spilled drinks on the next shift.

PC3 Anti-Graffiti is a low VOC, less than 25 grams per liter VOC, system for protecting against graffiti. Available in clear and colors in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, egg-shell and matte finishes, PC3 Anti-Graffiti provides a long-lasting protective system that can be cleaned multiple times with commercially available graffiti removal solvents.

PC4 Shop Applied Finish is a high grade automotive finish for automotive fleets, fabrication, manufacturing and OEM operations that is adjustable to accommodate shop and throughput processes.

Performance Polysiloxane Finish

PC5 Polysiloxane is a two component, high cross-link density polysiloxane with excellent color and gloss retention, cleanability and stain resistance.  PC5 is graffiti resistant, abrasion resistant and very durable in exterior and interior high traffic areas.  PC5 is low odor during application and has a VOC less than 100 grams per liter.  PC5 is available in solid colors and clear in gloss and semi-gloss versions.

Performance Single Component Polyurethane Finish

PC6 Waterborne Pre-Reacted Polyurethane is a single component polyurethane that provides polyurethane performance in a low odor, easy to apply finish.  Available in metallic, iridescent and solid colors, PC6 provides a durable finish that holds up to high traffic interior and exterior environments.  PC6 is very low odor and has a VOC of less than 50 grams per liter during application.

Slip Resistant Floor Coating

SlipShield® can increase the coefficient of friction thus improving slip resistance on ceramic tile, polished stone, polished concrete and coated floors.  SlipShield® is available in gloss and semi-gloss in clear and solid colors.  SlipShield® has a low odor and is less than 100 grams per liter VOC during application.

Infra-Red Reflective Coatings Keep Substrates Cooler

Reflect Infra-Red Reflective Coatings that keep substrates cooler even when dark or deep colors are utilized that traditionally are heat absorbent. An example of the use of Reflect 3000 is the renovation of metal roofs, curtain walls and on sidewalls to reduce substrate and structure heating. By lowering substrate temperatures, expansion and contraction of structures is reduced and the lifecycle of the coating system is extended. In some cases, dependent on structure type, insulation and location, energy costs for cooling can be reduced.  Reflect comes in both a high grade polyurethane finish, Reflect 3000, and a high grade polysiloxane finish, Reflect 5000.

Low Sheen Highly Cleanable Waterborne Polyurethane Clear Finish

RELĒS is a low sheen waterborne polyurethane clear that is applied over interior and exterior architectural finishes to improve durability and reduce dirt pick-up, staining and provide graffiti resistance.  RELĒS is very low odor during application and has a VOC of less than 50 grams per liter.

DTM Primers

DTM 1300 is a high build sanding corrosion resistant primer for metal and other substrates that is ultra-violet resistant.

DTM 1400 is a non-sanding corrosion resistant sealer for metal and other substrates that is ultra-violet resistant.

DTM 1600 is a non-sanding waterborne bonding primer for metal and other substrates that is ultra-violet resistant.

DTM 3000 is a non-sanding ultra-fast recoat polyurethane tie coat for metal and other substrates that is ultra-violet resistant.



Precision Coatings provides low and ultra-low VOC compliant coatings to markets that demand not just aesthetics, but durability and extended life cycle performance.