Precision Coatings predominantly markets through regional distributors throughout North America.

For Central and South America sales, please contact Thaly Gutierrez at 201.710.8339.

For all other international sales, please contact Jim O’Keefe, Vice President of Sales for Precision Coatings at  +1 .417.655.0021 or email at

Customer Service: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time
Phone: 417-862-5738

Regional Technical Sales Representatives

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana Ned Crow 503-442-5263
Northern California, Northern Nevada Jim O'Keefe 417-655-0021
Southern California, Southern Nevada Nye Miller 714.337.1953
Tod Savage 619-633-8406
John Woods 714.777.0300
Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming John Hurley 303-324-1572
Texas Jim O'Keefe 417-655-0021
Missouri Jim McCadden 314.550.2801
Illinois, Indiana & Michigan Rick Kraft 847.951.9569
Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin Steve Smyczek 414.399.5084
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & Connecticut Marty Wishengrad 802.249.0784
New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania Marti Campbell 610.999.7210
Maryland, Virginia & Washington D. C. Malcolm Feary 410.336.6678
Florida, Louisiana and the Caribbean Glenn Saren 305.613.9323
Hawaii, Guam & Micronesia Joe Olvey 808.285.3526


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