Whether it’s a yacht or a dinghy, a ski boat or a jet ski, Precision Coatings has the performance coating systems to restore hull sides, enhance the water line and boot stripes, add optical effects with graphics and recreate interiors to a better than “Just launched” finish. Precision Coatings are designed to perform from the water line up offering an extended life-cycle finish with outstanding color and gloss retention in the marine environment.

Durable, Extended Life-Cycle Marine Exteriors


The marine environment demands an exterior finish that provides durability, aesthetics and performance from a coating system that is flexible, stands up to abrasion, chemical resistant to fuels and resistant to intense ultra violet exposure. Precision Coatings offers corrosion resistant high build primers, fast recoat corrosion resistant primers and tightly cross-linked aliphatic (linear) polyurethane finishes that meet the demanding requirements of the marine environment. Precision’s DTM 1300 modified epoxy corrosion resistant primer is a high-build sanding primer that can be applied over a properly prepared gel coat, coated or composite substrates. DTM1300 can be easily sanded smooth to provide a sound surface upon which to apply Precision’s tightly cross-linked acrylic polyurethane, PC3 finish  is available in solid colors, metallics or refined pearls (iridescent).  As an acrylic polyurethane, PC3 is efficient for yacht applicators to apply in uncontrolled marine environments.  While it is not necessary, but it is tempting, PC3 clear can be applied to add depth of image to the coated surface. Aficionados might even consider cutting and buffing the clear to take the coating close to a mirror-like finish.

In addition to offering coating systems that are highly resistant to the marine environment, Precision also offers our unique SlipShield® anti-slip coating that is available in clear and solid colors specifically formulated to improve the slip resistance of the coated walking surfaces while sustaining the beauty of the substrate whether exterior or interior.

Robust, Light Reflective Marine Interiors

interior of yacht engine room

In the recreational marine and yacht market, engine rooms, engine compartments and equipment needs to be light reflective, easily cleaned and resistant to chemicals such as oils and hydraulic fluids yet provide a high grade extended life-cycle finish for coated surfaces, gel coat and wood so you can increase the time on the water and lessen maintenance. Precision’s DTM 1400 corrosion resistant modified epoxy primer combined with our PC3 aliphatic (linear) polyurethane finish in solid colors provides a high performance coating system for engine compartments, engine rooms and equipment.

In addition, Precision offers DTM 1600 waterborne corrosion resistant polyurethane bonding primer and PC6 single component waterborne polyurethane finish for occupied space interiors which improve light reflectance on liners, bulkheads and cleanable surfaces in the galley. Precision’s PC3 Clear will keep interior wood surfaces stunning with a flexible, but durable surface. While we recommend PC3 Clear on your interior hardwoods, we do not recommend this system on teak and exterior brite work. Clear aliphatic (linear) polyurethane polymer coatings do not breath, thus teak and exterior brite work wood trim should never be coated with a clear coating that will entrap oil or moisture in the exterior substrate thus resulting in blistering.