PC4 Acrylic Polyurethane Finish Coat

PC4 is an automotive finish grade, high cross-link density acrylic aliphatic polyurethane coating system developed for shop application in the fleet/automotive, manufacturing, fabrication and OEM markets. PC4 is a proven performance coating meeting both the aesthetic and durability requirements of the fleet operator, fabricator and manufacturer.  PC4 offers manufacturers and coating applicators process flexibility with adjustable viscosity and dry times for improved through-put.  PC4 is available in 250 grams per liter and 420 grams per liter VOC meeting shop applied regulatory compliance requirements of air quality districts.

PC4 Acrylic Polyurethane Colors Product Data Sheet

PC4 Acrylic Polyurethane Clear Product Data Sheet

PC4 Acrylic Polyurethane Colors Automotive Product Data Sheet

PC4 Acrylic Polyurethane Clear Automotive Product Data Sheet

Guidance for Metallic Applications

PC4 clear can be cut and buffed from 24 to 72 hours to produce a high quality ultra-high gloss fine finish.

DTM 1300, DTM 1400 and DTM 3000 are the recommended primers for PC4.

DTM 1300 Sanding Primer Product Data Sheet

DTM 1400 Primer Sealer Product Data Sheet

DTM 3000 Fast Dry Primer Data Sheet


PC4 Specification Sheet