PC5 Polysiloxane

Outstanding performance, a highly cleanable finish and low odor application make PC5 Polysiloxane the ideal finish for high traffic hospitality, healthcare and institutional operations where the business does not allow long shut-downs and durability and extended life-cycle are essential.

PC5 is a very durable, high-quality polysiloxane finish that offers superior flexibility, gloss retention and color retention.  PC5 is available in gloss and low semi-gloss finish in solid colors and clear.  PC5 provides a stain-resistant, easily cleaned, graffiti resistant, low odor, low VOC* coating system for interior and exterior surfaces. PC5 can be applied over properly prepared substrates including carbon steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, polished stone, gypsum board, CMU, concrete and intact previously coated surfaces. PC5 is designed for occupied space application.

*PC5 polysiloxane finish is a non-isocyanate resin system at less than 100 grams per liter VOC. PC5 is LEED 2009 compliant.

PC5 Polysiloxane Finish Product Data Sheet

PC5 Specification Sheet

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