Precision Coatings fleet finish systems provide the flexibility to meet the aesthetic requirements demanded by corporate branding, while meeting throughput and budgetary requirements of fleet branding implementation.

As an automotive paint manufacturer, Precision Coatings offers high-performance primers and acrylic polyurethane finishes with a broad color offering including metallics, pearls, solid colors, fleet colors, corporate colors, custom colors and safety colors.  The color retention and gloss retention of Precision Coatings finishes are unsurpassed.  The durability and longevity of Precision Coatings finishes help protect fleet vehicles and increase their service life.

Precision Coatings supplies performance coatings for fleet operators, fleet maintenance and OEM manufacturers

  • Aerospace Companies
  • Air Frame Manufacturers-Recreational Aircraft
  • Airline Ground Equipment
  • Ambulance Manufacturers
  • Armored Car Services
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Cement Truck Manufacturers
  • City Sanitation Fleets
  • Contractor Truck Fleets
  • Fire Truck Manufacturers
  • Fleet Maintenance Operators
  • Municipal Fleets
  • Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers
  • School Bus Manufacturers
  • School Bus Operators
  • Tour Bus Operators
  • Utility Service Fleets